Land a Job Interview With These Simple Steps

You’ve been searching for a new job for some time now, and you’ve finally found something that matches your skillset at a company with an excellent reputation. What can you do to help ensure you get called for an interview?

No one has to remind you that applying to jobs can be a frustrating and challenging process. Because of the dozens of applications a hiring manager receives for each open position, it’s hard to look at each one thoroughly. As a result, only one to three applicants typically get an interview.

While these odds can be discouraging, there are some actions you can take to increase the chances that you will be one of the select few. Follow these steps to your next job interview:

Don’t Use a Generic Cover Letter

If you choose to submit a cover letter, you must modify your cover letter for each job to which you apply. Hiring managers and recruiters will not be impressed with a generic cover letter. You have only a few seconds to make a connection with the person viewing your application, and since the cover letter is typically the first thing they see, you need to make a good impression with it.

Do some research on the company and include something in the cover letter that shows them you’ve done your homework. Amend your cover letter for each application. It indicates you care enough to find out what their company does before you apply.

Target Your Resume to the Job

Just as with your cover letter, you should be targeting your resume to each job and company. Make sure you are listing your experience and skills to match the job description. And rather than explaining your objectives, list your accomplishments and how they pertain to this particular position.

It takes extra time to alter your resume each time you apply, but it is worth it to be able to set yourself apart from a crowded field!

Follow Up

Send a short note to remind the hiring manager that you applied and to make sure they received your application. This follow-up shows you’re truly interested and would like to hear back. Not many applicants take this extra step, but it can be vital since it might cause the manager to take a fresh look at your resume.

Don’t Drag Your Feet

Apply quickly. In many cases, the hiring company receives the first resume about three minutes after posting a job online. You’re not helping your cause by taking your time to apply. If you have even the slightest interest in the job opening, send in your application immediately.

Try Not to Get Discouraged

It can be difficult to stay positive but remember you will get better with each application – because you’ll learn what works. If you don’t get called for an interview at first, keep trying and don’t give up hope. You’ll be sitting in a face-to-face interview soon.

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