Creating a Culture of Accountability
Author: Leslie Speas, VP of Culture & Consulting

A study by Harvard Business Review showed that 46% of Managers were rated poorly on “Holds people accountable when they don’t deliver.” I’m actually surprised that the number isn’t higher based on my experience with various organizations during my career. Most Managers are not so good at accountability!

In order to establish a culture of accountability, here are some things you must do:
Lead by example
It starts with the leader! To hold others accountable, you must first hold yourself accountable for your own performance and behavior.
Set and maintain clear expectations
If you don’t set clear expectations, employees don’t have a set target or goal to aim towards in their role. Be clear about what you expect from each employee, the outcome you are looking for, and how you’ll measure success along the way.
Follow up and give feedback regularly
If you want to build accountability, you will need to establish a cadence of meetings with your team members. In these meetings, review progress on expectations and objectives. Provide performance feedback early and often. Give praise and support where appropriate.
Be honest and direct
Be honest and direct with the employee if they aren’t meeting expectations. Help coach and support them and, if they still don’t meet expectations, start the disciplinary action process.

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