Top Hiring Trends to Look Out For in 2020

The new year has arrived, and with it comes plenty of challenges for recruitment. With unemployment sinking to 50-year lows, the best recruiting strategies will be critical if companies are to stay competitive during the hiring process. 

Employers that find the right balance between traditional and digital methods of recruiting will also find the greatest success in 2020.  Businesses will continue to look for ways to attract top talent, but the methods for getting them are changing. Here are some of the top hiring trends for 2020. Many of which could enhance your appeal to prospective employees. 

Hiring managers will rely less on resumes 

Resumes are becoming more obsolete. Hiring managers will be using non-conventional methods to bring the best people on board. Here are a few of these new strategies: 

Skill-based assessments: One tactic that is being used to filter candidates on job competency is skill-based assessments in the hiring process. Not only are many organizations using these assessments for screening, but their entire hiring process is based on them. 

Personality test: When used early in the hiring process, these tests can find candidates who exhibit critical soft skills such as analytical thinking, teamwork, and judgment. Finding these traits upfront can help hiring managers to shortlist candidates who could be an excellent fit for their open positions. 

Artificial Intelligence: By using gamification techniques–quizzes, challenges, or behavioral-related evaluations–hiring companies can bring an element of fun into a sometimes dreary recruiting process. Candidates display their qualifications, allowing the hiring team to evaluate their creative thinking, aptitude, and problem-solving skills 

More hiring will come from employee referrals  

A recent survey indicates that over 80% of employers believe employee referrals generate the highest return on investment in the recruiting and hiring process. 

So, it should come as no surprise that companies will be focusing on collaborative hiring in 2020. After all, who could be better than employees, with first-hand knowledge of what your company stands for, to be your biggest advocate when it comes to recruiting. 

The cultural fit will be as important as skillset 

Most recruiters agree that culture fit is becoming a primary factor in the hiring process. As competition for top talent becomes more intense, businesses are having a harder time finding candidates who have the right skill set and are a good fit for the company’s culture. 

Hiring people with those traits that make them an excellent fit for their organization has taken on higher importance in recent years. A willingness to learn is typically among those soft skills that determine the right fit, so employers are looking beyond the standard technical skills and hiring candidates who are eager to learn. 

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