During an election year, navigating the shark-infested waters of politics can be tricky. Most rational political discussions have fallen by the wayside in recent years, so if politics happens to find its way into your workplace, it shouldnt be surprising if it disturbs the peace and disrupts productivity. 

Discussing the latest news topics in the breakroom is nothing newbut the polarizing political climate of 2020 causes emotions and opinions to run hot. There is always the potential for political discussions to escalate and get out of hand, setting the stage for a hostile work environment. 

Political expression can hurt others and harm your business. When that happens, its time to step in and get things back under control. Business owners and managers must create proper boundaries regarding political exchanges. And there needs to be a policy in place to deal with situations that could develop when workers discuss politics in your workplace. 

Here are some ideas: 

Begin with a policy on political discussions and materials  

As a private employer, you may set rules to control political talk and politically motivated activities. While it might not be necessary to ban all political discussions completely, you could have a policy that dissuades political debates and prohibits displaying or distributing political materials in the workplace. 

You should also have a policy against unlawful harassment and discriminationsomething that can happen whenever political topics are brought up.  

How do you handle conflicts in the workplace? 

There may be conflicts even with a clear policy in place.  

For example, suppose a worker complains to you about overhearing a political comment from a neighboring cubicle. Your policy will determine your response: Have you banned all political discussions? Or, are they confined to the break room? Does your policy allow them as long as they remain respectful and non-discriminatory? 

If its the latter, tell the employee who reported the comments that its within everyones rights to discuss politics, as long as it stays civil and doesnt cross the line into discriminatory remarks. 

However, any political conversation that turns into harassment, or worse yet, results in comments on race, sex, religion, age, or national origin should be dealt with immediately, beginning with a thorough investigation. If necessary, hand out a written warning to the offending workerIf the conduct continues, youll need to take additional disciplinary action that could include termination. 

Politics will always be a thorny issue 

Politics is not usually a good topic for workplace conversation. Its very personal, and people tend to hold tight to their beliefs. Employers must have a strategy for ensuring those conversations remain respectful. And that comes in the form of clear company policy. 

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