Sometimes a job search seems to drag on forever. It can be frustrating and can cause you to lose your focus and your confidence at the same time. You start to question whether you’ll ever find something that fits. Maybe my skills aren’t good enough, you begin to think, or I probably don’t have enough experience.

When these thoughts begin to creep into your head, it’s only a matter of time before full-blown panic sets in. Before that happens, refocus your thinking and give yourself a fresh perspective on the process of getting hired. Boosting your self-confidence might be all you need to take control of your job search and to stop feeling like a victim of circumstances.

Don’t Be Too Tough on Yourself

You can’t gain or maintain self-confidence if you’re constantly berating yourself. Your so-called “inner critic” can become overly active during a frustrating job search. Don’t pay attention to it or it could derail your plans. Refocus on getting out a positive message that you are the right candidate for a job, and ignore the negative noises in your head.

Make a List of Your Desirable Qualities

Write down your skills and achievements, along with all of your qualities that would make any employer fortunate to have you. After a long and unsuccessful job hunt, you probably need to reload and remind yourself why an employer should hire you – by identifying all the qualities you bring to the table. Then, research the company and match those skills to their needs.

When you go to the interview, take your list along so that you can easily access it. You’ll make a good impression on the interviewer with your research notes.

Stay Away From Negative People

As you refocus your efforts to get hired, you don’t need negative people bringing you down with their pessimistic talk and downbeat attitudes. Replace them with those who will be positive influences and who can keep you focused on your goals and believe in you. It may sound harsh, but a new focus on your career might have to include new friends that don’t tempt you to waste your time on negative things.

Get Support From Those Who Love You Most

Looking for a job can be a long and lonely process. That’s why you need the support of your loved ones when you refocus your efforts. Share your thoughts with them, and you’ll begin to feel more confident about yourself and your prospects for a new job.

If you have nobody close to whom you can turn, it’s time to start building new relationships. Start by building a professional brand online on a platform such as LinkedIn, and start reaching out to like-minded individuals and professionals who can help and support you. Local networking events and groups are another great tool to meet people on a similar career journey.

Don’t Give Up

Persistence is your most valuable asset when searching for a job. Of course, you’ll feel defeated if a company goes with another candidate or if no one responds to your resume. But keep your eye on the prize—your dream job—and move on to the next opportunity!

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