CORE Assessment®

The Benefits

Armed with this information:

  • Job seekers can make smarter career decisions
  • Employers can make more thoughtful hiring decisions
  • The Resource can help create the ideal matches between the two of you

The CORE Assessment®

Measures who we are, our unchanging nature, with a 97.7 percent retest reliability. The CORE allows us to understand the types of jobs and tasks we are naturally hardwired to be engaged and successful in.

CORE Hiring Technology

A system that uses technology to match candidates, recommending only people who are naturally designed for the job.

Job Blueprint

We take you through a process to clearly define the contributions, responsibilities and tasks of the job.

Top Performers

Resulting in a streamlined hiring process. Review and interview only candidates who are hardwired to do the job. Choose the right candidate from the final interview process.

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