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Talented people are the key to your successful business, making it essential to have a clear and compelling professional development strategy.

At The Resource, hiring the right people is only the beginning. We’ve helped thousands of employees develop more effective, positive leadership and workplace skills in order to enhance individual performance and improve retention. Whether you need to boost the capability of your teams, identify emerging managers or refresh the skills of senior executives, intentional professional training and coaching allows you to nurture and grow within your organization.

We offer proven Professional and Leadership Development programs for every level of your organization — from customer service reps to managers and supervisors on the production floor all the way up to the executive suite. By leveraging our unique CORE Assessment®, we deliver programs that empower your people to overcome challenges, explore their strengths and grow into thriving team members and effective leaders.

Based on your needs, The Resource can provide:

Next-Level Learning for live, customizable professional and leadership development courses. Courses include in-person or virtual curriculum ranging from interpersonal communication and workplace culture to performance and wellbeing topics to leadership, time management and conflict management to FMLA, ADA and other HR-related topics.

Leadership & Executive Coaching and Consulting for enhancing skills of rising managers and seasoned executives. Customized, one-on-one coaching programs for high-level leadership or for growing leadership capabilities within your team.

The CORE Assessment® for a deeper understanding of individual and team strengths as well as pathways for success. The CORE allows employers and employees at every level to make smarter business and career decisions.

Proven techniques and training to ensure retention and growth

At The Resource, we have a unique understanding of what makes for stronger employee-employer relationships. We combine more than 40 years of talent recruiting and retention knowledge with deep insight into communication styles and effective leadership to offer proven methods for training and coaching.

Our experts have helped thousands of people — from new hires to emerging managers to executives — overcome the challenges affecting growth, retention and culture.

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