Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, your business deserves a custom approach to hiring and retention challenges. At The Resource, we work with your business to understand your needs, your organization and your culture to design flexible workforce strategies and services to create the opportunity for a stronger workforce.

With over 40 years of experience in staffing, recruiting, training, retention and workforce solutions, we are uniquely equipped to provide real people solutions for your organization. We are experts at connecting people and organizations for greater levels of success. But we go beyond the hire to help create dynamic teams, develop leaders, nurture workplace culture and transform your business’ capacity for growth.

Our Services

Direct Hire Placement

Looking for key players to add to your team? The Resource recruitment consultants can find the right people and screen them for you, allowing you to choose from the best. We can help you hire faster and more efficiently. With innovative pricing and recruitment tactics to meet your specific needs. Each candidate also has the opportunity to take the CORE Assessment®, so you can be sure they are hardwired to be successful in the role.

Hybrid Solution

If a traditional Direct Hire fee structure doesn’t fit your business, our Hybrid Pricing Structure spreads the fee out over time. This gives you a built-in guarantee period that reduces risk for you and your organization. If, for some reason, the candidate does not work out over the agreed upon time period, you don’t continue to pay.

Contract Recruiting/RPO

We offer Contract Recruiting that puts our team of expert recruiters to work, armed with the tools and knowledge to make your business the top priority. Our team becomes the bridge between your operations management and HR management, serving as an extension of your organization and focusing on filing your open positions from day one. Leave the risk and heavy lifting to us.

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Temporary Staffing Services

Adapt to variable workloads, staff up for busy seasons or large projects. Our temporary employees are skilled and ready on demand.


Assess one of our employees on-the-job to evaluate their skills at your location. Convert them to full-time once you see the value they bring to your team. It’s a risk-free way to hire.

Leadership & Professional Development

People are the key to success. So The Resource offers a variety of training, coaching and consulting solutions to elevate every level of your organization — from customer service reps to managers and supervisors to the executive suite. Using our unique tools and assessment, we gain the insight and clarity needed to help you position your people and your business for success.

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Expect more when you partner with The Resource.

  • Access a prequalified pool of candidates
  • Improve employee retention
  • Develop workforce leadership and professional skills
  • Boost ROI
  • Decrease time to hire
  • Reduce risk
  • Customized, client-specific screening, onboarding and service plan
  • Flexible pricing and payment structures
  • Make smarter hiring decisions with our CORE Assessment®

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