Our Story

At The Resource, we believe everyone has a place where they can naturally thrive in work and in life. And that every business has something to offer its employees beyond a paycheck. It is that belief that drives our approach to helping people find their next opportunity to shine. We make it happen by combining a wealth of industry knowledge with advanced insight and experience on the ground to serve each individual or business with a high level of service.

The Resource started with an opportunity our CEO had right out of college to help create and build a company that, 43+ years later, is responsible for finding opportunities for over 100,000 people. From the beginning, we have always worked to be the industry leader in our market, staying ahead of change for our clients.

Our close working relationships with clients and employees has also allowed us to become experts in understanding how to help organizations develop positive, effective leadership, nurture a collaborative, supportive workplace culture, and inspire and motivate employee retention.

We look to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day and empower our staff to gain and develop new skills. As we continue to grow as a company, our focus is on cultivating new leaders in our organization, embracing the future of the industry, and setting the stage for another 40 years!

Our Leadership

Kathy Hartung


Kenneth Dalton


Kim Beauchamp


Julia Yeargan Christian

VP of Direct Hire

Christopher Wakefield

VP of Support Services

Rita Bottoms

VP of Sales &
Client Relations

Todd Freeman

VP of Operations

Ra’Shanna Aaron

VP of Operations


At The Resource, understanding people and their strengths makes us not just good at what we do. It makes The Resource a supportive, rewarding place to work. We believe in seeking balance and valuing each other’s voices and perspectives, creating a diverse and inclusive team that works well together (and has fun doing it) in everything we do.

Our mission, vision and values

Mission: The Resource is a career services and human capital solutions company. We offer a full suite of customized solutions to address the specific challenges of our clients and candidates. We are passionate about maximizing the potential of individuals and businesses.

Vision: Outmaneuver competitors by being the strategic consultative resource providing the best people solutions for privately held SMBs, and the best career solutions for people seeking great companies.

Respect and Inclusion 
Honor each person’s CORE nature, leveraging our strengths and differences. Respectfully challenge each person to be their best.

Choose to do the right thing every time, even when no one is watching.

Seek to understand the needs of our clients and candidates to provide the right solution every time. Collaborate with leaders and employees across the company to ensure that we are working towards a common goal.

Learning and Growth Mindset 
Freely admit mistakes and use them as learning and growth opportunities. Make tomorrow better than today.

Our Timeline