Employee Resources

As an employee of The Resource, you have online access to multiple different resources, that you will need during your employment. Within each section is a description of the online resource and a link to access.

Reporting Availability

When an assignment ends with a client, you must do the following:

• Within 24 hours of the assignment ending, you must notify your local Branch Office that your assignment has ended.
• You should communicate any changes in your job search requirements to your local branch office.

Click to Report your Availability

Payroll Documents

To access your Paycheck Stubs please click the link below. First time users must select REGISTER after clicking the link. Once you have registered, this is the login information and link that you will use to view your Paycheck Stubs each week. For changes to your Direct Deposit or Tax information, please contact our office.

Employee Payroll Portal

Onboarding Documents

If documents have been sent to you to complete, please click the link below to Access, Review, and Sign them.

Employee Document Portal

Web Time Entry

Use the link below to Login to your Web Timecard. All new employees must REGISTER to gain access and enter Time. Upon registering, when linking to your assignment: remove your email, and use your First & Last name and Pin. **Time must be submitted by Noon (12:00pm) on Mondays following the week worked.**

Web Time Entry