Maybe you’re working in career that’s in high demand. In that case, finding another job could be quick and easy. But if you’re like the majority of jobseekers, you could be facing a challenge when you decide to move on. And if you’re stuck in a deep rut, or worse yet, mired in a toxic work environment, the transition to a new job can’t happen fast enough. 

You can remove some of the frustration that goes with the typical job search by taking the initiative with the following strategies: 

Update and tailor your resume 

Update your resume along with your LinkedIn profile. Replace the section titled “Responsibilities” with one that lists your achievements that are relevant to the job for which you’re applying.  

Don’t send the same resume to every company. Customize it each time to match the wording on the job posting. By doing this, the recruiter will see that you have the right qualifications and will add you to a shortlist of candidates. 

Showcase your brand on LinkedIn 

Your brand is a combination of your skills, experience, and passion that you display online where hiring employers can find it. LinkedIn is the search tool of choice for many recruiters, so you need to be using it to your advantage. 

LinkedIn is also a valuable source for job seekers who want to find out who is working at the companies that are hiring.   

Build your network of contacts and use them 

A network of contacts, consisting of those who know you and want to help you, is an essential component in your job search. Your contacts can give you an idea of what jobs are available so that you can focus your job search. They can also provide you with a referral at their company, which could give you a decided advantage over other candidates. 

Make sure you know what you want 

Take some time to consider your strengths and weaknesses, along with the kind of work that will give you satisfaction and enjoyment. Then, think about what is most important to you in a job: 

  • Salary and benefits 
  • Company culture
  • Opportunities for promotions 
  • Job title 
  • The type of work 
  • Location 

It’s going to be challenging to land a great job if you don’t know what great job means to you  

Do your research 

Once you know what you want, it’s time to find companies that can provide itLooking at their websites will give you a feel for their company culture. You may even find out about their salary and benefits in your research.   

After you’ve found several that seem like a good match, start applying. All of that extra work you put into research will pay off when you can show these companies that you’re the right person for the job. 

Let the experts help you 

For 40 years, The Resource has been helping individuals who are stuck in a rut at their current job. Our expert staff can ensure that you find the right match for your skills and experience. That’s why we’re one of the top employment agencies in North Carolina. 

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