The Scientific Approach to Hiring

Looking to hire for an open position? Our experienced consultants combine the information gained from the CORE Assessment with their professional insights to develop a Job Blueprint and detail the qualities that indicate a candidate has the potential to be a top performer for that position.

This system is positioned at the very beginning of the hiring process, funneling in all candidates from various recruiting sources, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on recommended candidates based on the true tasks of the job.

CORE Hiring Technology

A system that uses technology to match candidates, recommending only people who are naturally designed for the job.

Job Blueprint

We take you through a process to clearly define the contributions, responsibilities and tasks of the job.

Top Performers

Resulting in a streamlined hiring process. Review and interview only candidates who are hardwired to do the job. Choose the right candidate from the final interview process.

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The CORE Assessment

Measures who we are, our unchanging nature, with 97.7 percent retest reliability. The CORE allows us to understand the types of jobs and tasks we are naturally hardwired to be engaged and successful in.

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