“Catfishing,” also known as “bait and switch,” means intentionally presenting misleading or outright false information. If you accept a new job that turns out to be nothing like what you were promised, you might have been catfished. Here’s what to do. 

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions 

Almost nothing is exactly what it seems, and it’s possible that you weren’t catfished at all. Maybe you just built up an idea of the position in your head that doesn’t exactly match the reality. Unless there are factors that you simply cannot work through, it’s nearly always worth giving the new job a chance. Get to know your coworkers, set up your workspace, and see what you think in a few days. 

Meet with Your Manager 

After several days on the job, ask for a meeting with your manager. Politely let them know what your expectations were and how the daily job duties differ from those expectations. Be respectful and focus on getting clarification rather than making accusations. If your manager is open to discussing the situation, you may be able to salvage the job. If they get defensive or dismissive, it might be time to move on. 

Choose Your Exit Strategy 

If you aren’t able to reconcile your thoughts about the job with the reality of it, and your manager is unwilling to work with you, there’s nothing wrong with leaving. Not every job is right for every person. You deserve a position that makes you feel engaged and fulfilled. 

The question you’ll need to ask yourself is, “What’s the best way to move on? If you leave quickly, you don’t necessarily need to list the position on future resumes. But quitting without another job might not be realistic for you economically. Think through your personal budget, your career goals, and your options, and create a plan. It’s usually best to give two weeks’ notice, but if the environment is toxic, that may not be the best choice. 

Showing up at a job that turns out to be nothing like you thought is never fun. There is always a chance it might turn out to be a job you love, or it might be the push you needed to pursue the position of your dreams. Stay cool, keep your goals in mind, and make the decisions that are right for you. 

Looking for a New Position? 

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