You’ve been at your current job for several years. While you’ve enjoyed the position, things have changed over time. The work is starting to feel stale. You’re not exactly miserable, but you aren’t happy, either. You’ve got this nagging feeling that you could use a change of scenery.

Sometimes it’s obvious you need a change; other times, it’s not nearly as clear. Don’t just give your notice due to having a few bad weeks at work – but if you’ve been chronically unhappy at work, it might be time to make a career change.

Here are five tell-tale signs that time has run out on your present employment:

  1. You Dread Going to Work

Most people get a bit down on a Sunday night as they transition into the next work week, but if this happens to you every night, it’s probably time to think about making a change. It isn’t normal to get depressed at bedtime because you dread going into work the next day. If you truly hate spending eight hours at your shop or office, you owe it to yourself to leave the source of your unhappiness and find greener pastures.

  1. You Are in a Negative Work Environment

Your co-workers are constantly grumbling, and even your boss is always unhappy. If that sounds like your workplace, you have little chance of ever being content there. This type of toxic atmosphere will effectively destroy any traces of passion you might have otherwise developed. If you find yourself trapped in this kind of environment, it’s time to free yourself and move on.

  1. You Spend a Lot of Time Complaining About Your Job

Maybe you aren’t working in a negative environment, but your conversations are still revolving around how much you dislike your job. If most of your discussions with family and friends are centered on complaining about your current job, your co-workers or your boss, you may need to find something that will change the tone of these conversations. Yes, there will be negatives with any job, but they should be in the minority.

  1. Your Job is Taking a Toll on Your Health

No job is worth putting your health at risk. Are you taking more sick days or using drugs and alcohol to forget about the bad days at work?  Are you constantly tired from not sleeping well? Do you often feel stressed out and irritable? These could all be signs that your job is having a detrimental effect on your well-being. Your body is sending a strong message; don’t ignore it.

  1. There Are No Opportunities for Growth

It’s difficult to stay motivated and enthusiastic if there are no opportunities for growth at your current job. Get a fresh start and commit your time and energy to a company that will support the growth and progress of your career. Don’t allow the lack of opportunities to hinder your future development.

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