If you are a job seeker, you’re likely facing the challenge of making yourself more marketable. There is plenty of competition for the best jobs, so it’s critical to identify and develop those traits that will make you stand out to potential employers.

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and a complete list of marketable traits would be long and cumbersome. So, it’s to your advantage to concentrate on three of the most timeless qualities that will convince the next hiring manager that you’re the best choice now and for the future!

Problem-Solving Skills

Managers everywhere love an employee who walks into the office to report a problem and offers a well-thought-out solution for it. Instead of being the worker who merely points out what’s wrong, show your value and be the one who offers suggestions to make things right.

Give the hiring manager an example from a previous job where you identified a problem, came up with a solution and used your resources to resolve the issue successfully. You’ll display your creativity and your desire to make improvements rather than just identifying problems.

Problem-solving is a quality that is advantageous in practically every job, and you will quickly show your worth and gain your manager’s confidence if you have it.


Communication comes in many forms—verbal, written, nonverbal, etc.—and the more of these you can master, the greater your opportunities for success. It’s essential to effectively communicate with your managers, co-workers, customers, and vendors. And you might be required to do this in-person, online, over the phone, or in writing, on a near daily basis depending on your position.

A well-written cover letter is an initial opportunity to show your writing abilities. Your interview should showcase your verbal skills and those crucial nonverbal communications that include your tone of voice, eye contact, body language, and all the nonverbal information that creates rapport with the interviewer.

Many candidates overlook the importance of effective communication. You can give yourself a substantial advantage by focusing on it.

Desire to Learn

The workforce is continuously changing, and you must be willing to change with it. In this type of environment, you should always be open to learning and developing your skills to stay on top of trends and changes.

Your potential employer will want to know that you have the desire to learn new things. So, make the hiring manager aware that you are interested in taking classes, certification courses, or attending industry conferences to gain or improve your knowledge and skills.

Employers are looking for people who want to stay on top of industry trends, take on assignments that are beyond their comfort zones, and have a willingness to push hard to learn new things. Let them know that you are that candidate, and you’ll be establishing yourself as a valuable future employee.

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