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Want to attract and retain top talent in the Triad? Take a look at some of the companies that are doing it right.

Triad Business Journal, along with presenting sponsor Hill, Chesson & Woody, are announcing the 35 Best Places to Work finalists for 2019.

The finalists were selected through a scientific survey by research firm Quantum Workplace. The Omaha, Nebraska-based firm’s survey measures 10 key engagement categories focusing on items such as team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, compensation and benefits.

Employers must meet a minimum participation threshold, and the cumulative scores were used exclusively to determine the finalists and ultimately top performers by size category. Companies were divided based on the number of employees they have in the Triad region: micro (10-24); small (25-49); midsize (50-99); large (100-299); and extra large (300+). Employers had to achieve a minimum cumulative score of 82 to be considered a finalist.

Winners and finalists will be recognized in a special print section and on the Triad Business Journal website on June 21.

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