When you’re thinking of the ideal candidate for your company’s open position, the list of requirements can get rather long. Relevant experience is typically at the top of the list. But while it’s important, experience is not the most important trait to look for in a new hire.

Many employers believe passion outweighs experience – since it creates the basis for a long-term relationship when those employees care about their jobs and display a passion for meeting the goals and objectives of their positions. This is one of many qualities that are rising to the top of a hiring manager’s requirement list as a must-have trait. Here are four others:

1. They Enjoy Solving Problems

Candidates who can solve problems are attractive to potential employers who realize there are lots of people creating problems in the workplace but very few who are solving them. Like most employers, you’re looking for candidates who can work around adversity, obstacles, and challenges and still come up with a solution to a problem. If you find that candidate, you should seriously consider bringing them on board in some capacity.

2. They Are Team Players

No man is an island. John Donne wrote that nearly 400 years ago, and it’s still true today in almost every work environment. Every manager knows that teamwork is a critical attribute for each of his or her workers.

The best candidates are brimming with confidence, yet they know that the work they are doing on a team is more important than anything they can accomplish on their own. They set their egos aside and collaborate with their co-workers to attain the common goals.

3. They Are Happy When They’re Learning New Things

We all have known someone in the workplace who doesn’t want to be bothered to learn new things. They get set in their ways and bitterly complain when they have to change the way they do things—even if it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Managers appreciate those employees who like to learn new things. And as a bonus, these people are typically the workers with the most ambition who have set a personal goal of getting smarter and adding value to the organization.

4. They Don’t Allow Fear to Rule Their Decisions

If you can find someone who has a history of bravery, you might want to find room in your company for that candidate. Those who refuse to be ruled by fear are typically more successful in their careers than those who give in to it. And this rule applies to everyone from the entry-level worker up to the CEO. This is a trait that will bring value to your organization for years to come.

Employers should be looking to hire people who take responsibility for themselves and their situations. Find out about the responsibilities your candidate has taken on inside and outside of work. If they have shown problem-solving abilities, have worked well on a team, love to learn, and don’t let fear hold them back, hire them!

Who Will Your Next Superstar Be?

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