Companies of all sizes and structures can benefit from partnering with a staffing firm. Anyone hoping to land a full-time or part-time job, in just about any industry, would be smart to work with a staffing agency, as well. 

Staffing firms bring hiring companies and job seekers together with a fit that meets the needs of both parties. They offer recruiting and hiring services to businesses, so if your company is looking for either temporary or permanent workers, there’s a good chance that partnering with a staffing firm can provide the right solution. 

Here are just four benefits derived from this partnership:    

1. Access to a large pool of candidates 

When your company begins its partnership with a staffing firmyou will immediately have access to candidates you wouldnfind through the typical job search channels such as job boards and internal postings. A staffing agency will put you in touch with highly talented individuals from their pool of experienced candidates who are ready for a career move. These candidates will have already completed a rigorous recruitment process, so the agency will have a thorough understanding of what each candidate is looking for in their next job.  

2. An efficient hiring process 

When you partner with a staffing agency, you’ll receive recruiting and hiring expertise that eclipses even the best human resources departments. That’s because agencies are specialists in recruiting and hiring, and they have the experience to manage each step of the process as efficiently as possible. The recruiters on the staff at these agencies understand employment trends, challenges, and market conditions. And they will employ the best practices for recruiting and hiring top talent.  

3. Lower costs 

Partnering with a staffing firm will eliminate many of your recruiting and hiring costs. That’s because the agency manages the entire employment process for you. You will also see a reduction in training costs, payroll processing costs, and benefits administration costs. Workers contracted through the staffing firm now come under the agency’s unemployment and worker’s compensation claims.  

4. Better quality workers and a higher retention rate 

The time, resources, and costs of hiring and onboarding are significant, and studies have shown that a high percentage of new hires don’t meet the company’s expectations. Most staffing agencies offer a guarantee or replacement on their workers for a specific period. Companies that partner with a staffing agency experience higher retention ratesAnd it’s no secret that high turnover is very costly, making it practical and sensible to have a staffing firm provide you with talented and qualified workers who will be satisfied with their job and make a longterm commitment to you! 

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