We all go through short periods when our motivation flagsDuring those timesit helps to focus on the positive aspects of work. Assuming that youre experiencing a temporary decline in your motivation to work, and not a severe illness such as depression, here are a few suggestions for returning the vigor and excitement to your workdays: 

Put one foot in front of the other 

This one might sound like an oversimplification, but taking one step at a time is good advice when your motivation to work is missing. Start the process, and keep it going: get out of bed, take your shower, get dressed, eat breakfastget out the door. Many times, the simple act of moving can help you break out of your funky mood and help you gain momentum. 

Give yourself incentive 

On your way to work, stop for your favorite coffee, make plans for lunch, or plan something fun for after work (even if it’s a game night at home!). With things to look forward to, youre reminding yourself that going to work is preferable to the potential guilt of calling out, and the extra work that youll need to deal with when you return. 

Take on some easy work 

Some days are just not for big projects. On those days of minimal motivation, knock out some lighter tasks that have been taking up space on your to-do list, like doing paperwork, picking up supplies, or some much-needed organization. Remember that any tasks you complete today are more than you would have gotten done if you had given in to the waning motivation. The “small” stuff is important in the grand scheme!

Practice gratitude  

Instead of fixating on all those reasons you don’t want to go to work—an unexciting meeting, nasty weather, or any other thing youre sure will annoy you—focus on what is right in your life! Youre alive and well, plus youre gainfully employed. Your being grateful leads to optimistic thoughts that, in turn, attract positive energy. 

Be of service to someone  

Even the smallest gestures can fire up your energy source. Offering support to a coworker, mentoring the new hire, or giving a compliment to someone when they least expect it are all little things you can do that end up serving a dual purpose. 

Take care of yourself 

You cant be motivated if you are close to burning out. A few minutes of deep breathing or meditation can work wonders to revitalize you. Take occasional breaks at work. If possible, get out of the office and take a short walk to clear your headProper nutrition and rest, along with daily exercise, will prepare your mind and body to be a highly motivated worker. 

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