Everyone has hadthat occasional annoying or frustrating day on the job. On your way home, you vow that you will be handing in your notice first thing in the morning. Youve had it, and youre not taking it anymore! But then you calm down, get a good nights sleep, and go back the next day, refreshed and ready to tackle those work issues.   

But what if this scenario replays more than just occasionally? What if it happens so often that you no longer find the least bit of joy in your work—or perhaps you even hate it. If thats the case, then your gut may be trying to tell you its time to move on, and you probably should listen to it. 

Even though itsometimes necessary, change can be hard, and you need assurance that youre doing the right thing. Here are a few warning signs telling you its time to head for the exit: 

You Dread Going to Work 

Do you go to bed every night, dreading the thought of going into work the next morning? That isnt normal, so if you hate those hours you spend in the shop or office that much, start looking in a new direction. 

Your health is suffering 

No job is worth jeopardizing your health. If youre using up your sick days, looking for excuses to take time off, or drowning your frustrations with unhealthy vices, then something is amiss. The right job should enhance your health by affording you enough time to eat right, exercise, relax, and get the required amount of sleep. 

You spend a lot of time complaining about your job 

Are you continually criticizing your boss, coworkers, and the job itself? Something is wrong. The right job will add more positives than negatives into your life. 

You work in a negative environment  

There are toxic work environments in which coworkers spend their work hours complaining, and the managers are always unhappy. If that describes your workplace, your chances of being content and fulfilled will be next to zero. Time for you to make a change.  

Therenroom to grow 

Dont waste your time in a job that doesnt offer opportunities for advancementA company that cant or wont support the progress of your career is leading you to a dead-endIf you’ve been questioning whether you have hung around too long at this jobthen you probably have, and it’s time to consider moving on. 

Is it time for you to move on? 

We can help you with that! The Resource has been helping job seekers solve their toughest employment challenges, and our expert staff can ensure that you find the ideal position when youre ready to move. Thats why were one of the top employment agencies in North Carolina. 

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