If you need to hire new talent, you will need a robust, multilayered recruiting program to make sure you’re attracting the best candidates. But many employers overlook a particularly important source of prospects that’s right in front of them: their own employees! Who knows what it takes to be successful at your company more than the people who already work there? And if your employees fit your culture and work expectations, odds are good that some of their friends and family members will as well. Here are some reasons to institute an Employee Referral Program. 

Quality Candidates 

Whenever an employee refers a friend, they’re putting their own neck on the line. Employees who like their jobs don’t want to risk their reputations on someone who might not be up for the challenge. While job postings can draw all kinds of qualified and unqualified applicants alike, your employees will likely refer only those they believe to be the best. 


You want your best employees to stick around, right? While it doesn’t replace such basics as a fair pay rate and benefits, many people prefer to work with people they already have a connection with. A strong employee referral program helps build a sense of community at your organization that can increase loyalty and the desire to stay with you for the long term. 


You can’t control who responds to a job posting. But if you already have a diverse workforce, it’s likely that your employee referral program will continue to reflect that. Celebrate the uniqueness of your team members and their connections. 

Building on Success 

Success breeds success. You’ve already built a great team, and an employee referral program lets you take it to the next level. Your employees will appreciate your faith in them, and you will continue to develop the organization towards greater success. 


An employee referral bonus is typically only a fraction of the cost of marketing an open position. Hiring is expensive enough, so why not save a bit of money while finding top tier candidates? 

Employee referrals are an often overlooked but incredibly useful way to recruit potential new team members. Though it may not be enough on its own, why not make this easy to implement program part of your overall recruiting strategy? It truly is a win-win for everyone. At The Resource, our ‘Refer-a-Friend’ Program is one of our largest drivers of candidate traffic, and a great opportunity for our employees to earn an incentive for sending qualified people our way! 

Need New Talent? 

If you need qualified, trustworthy new employees in North Carolina, The Resource is here to help. With 40 years of experience, we know how to recruit just the talent you need. Learn more and then contact us today to get started. 

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