For many job seekers, writing a resume is the toughest part of the process. You need to show that you have the skills and experience that the job requires, but present your background in a way that sounds confident….without bragging. Here are some tips to help you craft a winning resume!

Determine Needs 

Start by figuring out what the employer is looking for and how you fit the bill. Begin with the job description. What can you learn from it? Are there keywords you can use to get your resume past an initial computer screening? Also, look for hidden needs. Is the company growing? Do they need someone to solve existing problems or develop a better workflow? Dig carefully into the posting, and then focus on the skills and experience you have that are most relevant to both obvious and hidden needs. 

Choose Your Words 

Wherever possible, use action words that bring your experience to life. Your goal should be to help the employer understand what you did and why it was important. You can find lists of strong action words online, but examples include “streamlined,” “collaborated,” and “targeted.” 

Quantify Your Results 

Even the strongest action words only tell half the story. Not only do you need to show what you did, but you also need to explain how it helped your employer. To do that, use numbers and percentages whenever possible. You might say that you, “increased revenue by 10%” or “managed a team of 15 employees.” 

Build a Timeline 

Show how you have developed professionally over time. Your most valuable skills should be listed first. If you didn’t develop those skills at your most recent job, create a separate “skills” section on your resume and focus your “experience” section on specific projects you did for each employer. 

Even if your last several positions were similar to each other, find a way to differentiate them. Use different language and focus on different aspects of each job. 

Writing a resume can be nerve-wracking, but breaking it down step by step can help. Figure out what the employer needs, use action words to bring your experience to life, quantify your results using numbers or percentages, and create a timeline of your professional development. If you’re working with a recruiting agency, they can help make your resume shine!

Looking for a New Position? 

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