2020 has been an unprecedented and highly difficult year, and both employees and employers are reeling. Everything we thought we understood about work, including the hiring process, has been upended. Though the unemployment rate remains extremely high, many people are reluctant to return to work, whether due to underlying health conditions that put them at greater risk for COVID-19, or due to fears of contracting the virus. This can, paradoxically, make it tough for employers to find new hires despite high unemployment. Fortunately, a staffing firm can help! Here’s what you should know. 

Speedy Hiring 

Job hunters who seek the assistance of a staffing firm are motivated. They want to get back to work as quickly as possible. They are also thoroughly vetted through the agency, which works hard to make appropriate matches between companies and job seekers. Rather than posting a job ad and hoping you get responses from qualified candidates, working with a staffing firm gives you access to a pool of qualified workers who are ready to go. 


The pandemic caused many companies to temporarily shut down, and those that remained open had to become lean and agile. You may be ready to bring on new staff, but less certain about whether you are really ready to hire full-time permanent employees. A staffing firm lets you decide whether you want Temporary workers or Direct Hires. You also have the option of Temp-to-Hire, in which candidates may be hired permanently if things work out well. 

Lower Risks 

Bringing on contract workers through a staffing firm dramatically lowers your legal risks because they’re technically an employee of the agency rather than your organization (until they’re hired on permanent). That means you may not be responsible for certain taxes and other obligations (check with the staffing agency and/or your attorney for specific details). Bringing on new permanent employees carries financial risk as well since you are on the hook if an employee you have invested in hiring and training quits or is fired. With a staffing agency, you can easily and inexpensively work through instances of high turnover, or staffing up for a busy season. 

Though unemployment is high in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are reluctant to return to the workplace. Working with a staffing agency gives you access to a pool of qualified and motivated candidates, while also providing the flexibility and lower risks you need in these uncertain times. Contact The Resource today to learn more!



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