COVID-19 has upended the way we do business, and employers have had to pivot seemingly overnight. Whether you’re trying to do more with less staff, keep up with ever-changing state and local guidelines, or figure out your next steps, a staffing firm can take a lot of the personnel-related stress off your company, freeing you up to focus on staying afloat. 

Assisting HR 

If you have an internal Human Resources team, they’re likely overwhelmed right now. They not only need to address concerns raised by your existing employees, but they also need to make sure that your company remains in compliance with confusing and evolving regulations. A staffing firm lets them focus on their core duties without worrying about finding and vetting job applicants. Our Consulting team can also assist with HR audits, employee management, leadership development, etc. should the need exist within your organization.

Minimizing Overtime 

If you’re operating with a skeleton crew, your employees may be exhausted and overworked. They’re likely juggling childcare concerns and possibly remote learning for their kids, along with their duties at work. They may also qualify for expensive overtime hours. A staffing agency can bring in temporary workers to reduce costs and give your employees a chance to rest. 

Maintaining Flexibility 

There is so much we still don’t know about how and when this pandemic ends, and the long-term effects on the economy. You may need some team members right now, but feel worried about the expense and obligation associated with hiring new permanent staff. Working with a staffing agency lets you stay flexible and agile, bringing people in when you need them and letting them move on to other assignments when you don’t. 

Helping with Labor Laws and COVID Guidelines 

Keeping up with current laws and guidelines is just one of many concerns for your company, but it’s a core part of business operations for a staffing firm. Our agency can help ensure that you remain compliant, and can even help you find local resources such as small business grants or loans. 

Need New Talent? 

If you need qualified, trustworthy new employees in North Carolina, The Resource is here to help. With 40 years of experience, we know how to recruit just the talent you need. Learn more and then contact us today to get started. 

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