As the economy starts to recover from COVID-19, employers who had to lay off large numbers of workers will need to start rehiring. But the crisis, along with a great deal of time spent at home, has caused many people to start thinking about what’s really important to them in a job. Additionally, a social justice awakening coupled with the strong urge to care for others during the pandemic has led to an overall rise in volunteerism. 

To help lure employees back to your organization it only makes sense to consider giving them the time and opportunity to volunteer. This was a popular benefit pre-pandemic, with roughly 65% of companies offering paid volunteer time in 2018, and it’s likely to be more important than ever in a post-COVID world. Here are a few reasons why:

Contributing to the Greater Good 

Millennials in particular are concerned with their employer’s contributions to social causes. Corporate donations are one way to meet this demand, but more than half of millennials also expect companies to allocate time and resources to help employees volunteer. Supporting your team members in their efforts to make the world a better place can help build employee loyalty. 

Alternative Benefit 

In an age when some companies are pouring a fortune into amenities such as onsite catering, nap pods, and employee gaming centers, paid time off for volunteering can be a highly cost-effective alternative. Nationwide, the maximum number of paid volunteer hours is 20 hours per employee per year. But even a single eight-hour day per year can be enough to help your team members make a real contribution to their community. 

Strong PR 

Increasingly, consumers and employees want to know that the companies they support are socially conscious. Along with matching employee contributions or supporting a nonprofit, providing paid time off for volunteering, or sponsoring volunteer initiatives lets your customers know that yours is a socially-minded company. 

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