Though COVID-19 altered the world as we know it in 2020, forcing many businesses to shutter seemingly overnight, some industries fared better than others. Manufacturing was originally hit hard, but it seems to be bouncing back faster than many sectors. If you want to move into manufacturing work, you may not be aware of all the different jobs that are available! Here are some well paid manufacturing positions that are expected to do well in 2021 and beyond: 

Machine Programmer 

If you’re good with computers, machine programming can be a successful career, paying competitive rates nationwide. You’ll develop the programs needed for automatic machining tools and systems that process metal or plastic parts. 

Welding, Soldering, or Brazing Machine Setter 

In this job, you’ll be responsible for the machines or robots that braze, solder, or weld metal components. Depending on your work location, you might also operate a laser cutter or similar machine. Note that you might start out as a machine operator. This position pays around $14 per hour and involves operating one or more machines that process plastic or metal components. 


Machinists use tools to fabricate or repair precision parts for industrial machines. The position requires a strong understanding of mathematics, mechanics, and materials science. Many organizations have entry-level Machine Helper positions where employees can train and assist while learning to become a Machine Operator, with the opportunity for advancement and pay increases along the way. 

Tool and Die Maker 

This position is an excellent choice for those who are extremely precise and detail-oriented. You’ll analyze specs, set up and operate tools, and fit and assemble parts for a wide range of hand tools, jigs, cutting tools, and repair dies. 

Machine Assembler 

As a machine assembler, you’ll be responsible for assembling or constructing a wide variety of machines, such as engines or turbines. These machines may be used in industries as diverse as textiles, paper manufacturing, or construction.

Of course, these are just a few of the manufacturing positions that are expected to be in demand as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re good with your hands, you may find manufacturing to be an interesting and engaging field with plenty of room for growth. Check out our Job Board on a regular basis to see the Manufacturing positions available across our 7 office locations. 

Looking for a New Position? 

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