If you’re looking for work, now is a great time to update your resume. You probably already know that it’s essential to optimize your resume with relevant keywords, show off your skills, and highlight your most relevant experience. But did you know that it’s equally important to leave certain things out? Here are four categories of words and phrases to take off your resume this year: 

1. Technical Jargon

Using technical jargon (words/expressions that belongs to a certain field of knowledge) could make you seem arrogant or pretentious. It can also completely confuse a hiring manager, who may not have any direct experience in your specific field. Instead, choose plain, clear language to describe your skills and experience.    

2. Telling Rather Than Showing 

Have you heard the phrase, “Show, don’t tell”? This old storyteller’s quote applies to your resume, which should tell the story of your career. Don’t give the hiring manager a bunch of generalizations, such as “detail-oriented” or “problem-solver.” Instead, use your resume to show off examples of times that you used those skills to make something good happen.  

3. Obvious Phrases

If you’re applying for a customer service job, you’re probably a “people person.” So is everyone else applying for that job. If you’re looking for a production line job, you likely enjoy “working with your hands.” Hiring managers will make these basic assumptions based on the job description, so don’t waste valuable resume space. Instead, use the extra space to give more descriptions of ways you helped your previous company achieve specific goals in your role.  

4. Empty Adjectives  

Like obvious phrases, empty adjectives don’t actually say much. So you’re a self-motivated, hard worker? Hope so! Your resume should put these qualities into action, allowing the hiring manager to visualize what you could do for the company.  

Looking for a New Position?  

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