Industrial work can be tough, physically demanding, and even exhausting. But there are some definite advantages to this type of job that you may not have considered, especially in today’s labor market! Here are 3 of the benefits of Industrial Jobs:

Leaving Work at the Work Site

One of the top complaints of corporate/office workers is that they’re always on call. Late-night emails from the boss, putting out work fires on vacation, and working long into the night on critical projects are just par for the course in many offices. As an employee of an industrial facility, you get to leave your work behind at the end of your shift. You can’t exactly take a forklift or a production line home with you! While you may have the opportunity to work overtime hours as project needs arise, for the most part your shift hours are set, and you can feel confident leaving for the day after a job well done.

Physical Fitness

Your office worker friends are trying to figure out which gym membership to buy and then squeezing in workouts before or after heading to the office. They may be wearing step trackers and taking the stairs rather than the elevator in their building. Standing desks are on the rise (no pun intended) in offices across the country! Meanwhile, physical fitness is just part of your job. You’re not only saving money on a gym; you’re being paid to get healthy and strong! It is important to keep in mind the physical requirements of an industrial job before signing on. Tasks usually including standing for an entire shift, and/or lots of walking depending on your role. A great option for those who would dread sitting at a desk all day!

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Practical Know-how

Many industrial facilities take pride in regularly upgrading their processes to streamline operations. This means that you get to work with ever-evolving technology. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to work with your hands, putting your own practical knowledge and experience to the test. For those who are mechanically inclined, this is one of the biggest benefits of industrial jobs. The old school picture of industrial and manufacturing facilities – dimly lit, dusty and dirty, etc. – is fewer and farther between these days. Organizations have made great strides towards state-of-the-art industrial facilities, climate-controlled workspaces, and enhanced focus on safety and wellbeing of employees!

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