You probably already know what to look out for when it comes to questionable job candidates, from tardiness to exaggerations on their resume. But how do you know when you find the job seeker who is just the right fit for your team? Here are a few ways to know that you’ve found the perfect candidate:

Knowledge and Preparation

Great candidates prepare for their interviews. They know a lot about your company, not just hard facts but also about your overall corporate culture. They understand what you’re looking for, have some ideas on how they could fit into the organization, and are aware of what they bring to the table. They’re ready to go on day one!

Honesty and Transparency

Believe it or not, the perfect candidate is actually a flawed human being. What sets them apart from the crowd is that they own it. Great candidates are honest with you as well as themselves about their weaknesses and mistakes. But they’ve learned and grown over the years, and they’re willing to continue to evolve. 


The right candidate doesn’t just want a job. They want the specific job you’ve offered, and they want to work for your company. Look for candidates whose voice and body language show excitement and who can’t wait to talk about their ideas for the new role. 


Ultimately, the best candidates aren’t just a collection of skills and experiences. They’re human beings who mesh well with your team. You can often spot the perfect candidate by the way the interview flows. If it feels like a genuine conversation between peers, and there’s a connection that makes you excited to work with that person, you may have just found the right candidate. 

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position isn’t always easy. But the right person can bring a tremendous amount of value to your company, so it’s worth the effort. Look for someone knowledgeable, honest, and enthusiastic with whom you have a natural rapport!

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