Are you feeling stuck in a rut at work? Do you think it might be time to find something new, but you’re not totally ready to start over? Everyone has a bad day, week, or even month. But some things are simply unlikely to get any better over time. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it may be time to consider facing your fears and look for a new job.

Your Financial Stability Is in Jeopardy

You’ve probably heard that money can’t buy happiness and that there are other aspects to a job that are more important. While that is true to a point, the reality is that most of us can’t survive without an adequate paycheck. If you’re having trouble making ends meet, do a little research into the average pay rates for your field and level of experience. It might well be that your salary isn’t keeping up. If you find this is the case, it’s worth having a conversation with your supervisor to share the data and request what you feel is reasonable. If this information is ignored or disregarded, it may serve as a sign to look elsewhere.

You Don’t Have What You Need

From equipment to supplies to training, your company should provide you with everything you need to successfully perform your job. If you frequently find yourself digging into your own pocket, or going without the things your job requires, it can be a huge red flag. Try presenting your boss with a list of needed items, along with an explanation for why each thing is important. If you still don’t get new resources, it’s time to consider a change.

It’s a Dead End

Are you on a clear career track within your company? Or are you stagnant in the same position you’ve held for quite a while? Everyone needs room to grow, develop, and take on new challenges. If your job is a road to nowhere, you’ll never find true satisfaction in your work. Asking for advancement opportunities, or learning and development within your role should never be something you’re afraid to do. But, if you are in your current role, it may not be the right place.

You’re Taken for Granted

Part of feeling fulfilled at work is knowing that the company values you and your contributions. If you aren’t being heard, if your feedback is routinely ignored, or if your achievements go unrecognized, it can be extremely hard to stay motivated. It’s also a good sign that you’ll be overlooked for other things, such as a promotion. Consider moving to another company that can see and appreciate your worth.

The Environment Is Negative

Is there a lot of drama at your workplace? Are people constantly gossiping or even displaying outright hostility toward each other? Do you feel uncomfortable expressing your ideas to the rest of your team? A negative work environment can quickly become toxic to everyone. Many companies struggle with placing people in the wrong roles, which can lead to employees operating on the “dark side” (as our CORE Assessment explains). If you have the option to remove yourself from these negative situations, either by asking to be moved around within your role/team, or by leaving altogether – you have to do what’s best for you mentally.

The Company Is In Trouble

Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling in the wake of the pandemic. No matter how happy you are with your job, it’s important to keep an eye on the company’s overall health. If you’re concerned you may be laid off or let go, it’s always smart to consider your options and make an exit plan.

Looking for a New Position?

If you’re ready for a new job in North Carolina, let The Resource put our 40 years of experience to work for you. From discovering who you truly are via our CORE assessment through the entire hiring process, we’re here to help you find and land just the right position. Apply online or call your local office to get started.

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