You’ve probably heard mumblings of the Great Resignation. Starting in the spring of 2021, and continuing through today, workers have been leaving their jobs in previously unimaginable numbers. Some land at other companies, while others start their own businesses or leave the workforce altogether. This has led to a dramatic worker shortage that has companies in all industries struggling.

But the Great Resignation is actually only part of the problem. Making things worse is the little-discussed Demographic Drought. That is, Baby Boomers are retiring regularly (with 1 million more than average retiring in the last year), and there simply aren’t enough younger people entering the workforce to compensate. Here’s what you can do to manage both the Great Resignation and the Demographic Drought in the coming year, and beyond. As you work through these steps, remember that ultimately, it’s all about building and maintaining relationships.

Be More Attractive

To attract top workers to your company, you need to be attractive to them. This doesn’t just relate to what you offer (such as flexible schedules or onsite childcare), though, of course, those things are important. But it also matters how likable the people who interact with applicants are. Make sure you’re hiring managers or HR team are friendly and genuinely enjoy talking to people, and go out of your way to make every interaction memorable.

Be More Aggressive

You’ll need to be more aggressive than your competitors when it comes to recruiting. Focus on building engagement throughout the entire process. Offer real value on your website and social media pages. Be friendly and fun. Interact with prospects and applicants in a genuine but relaxed way. Build a strong community, and you’ll have a talent pool to draw from. You should also be aggressive when it comes to your pay structure. Are you competitive in your market? Are you offering premium wages for the skill level you’re seeking? Candidates have their pick of career paths right now, so your salary levels must be leading the way to attract folks away from the competition.

Be More Purposeful

Don’t throw everything at the wall to see if it sticks. Use software and data analytics to track the success of different recruiting techniques. Measure social media engagement. Track satisfaction with the application process. Every technique you try should be grounded in data and carefully tracked and analyzed. Otherwise, you risk simply wasting resources without improving your hiring rates.

Be More Committed to Retention

It’s human nature to chase after whatever is shiny and new. In the workplace, this can translate to a default setting of hiring externally rather than promoting from within. Yet your existing employees have a track record. They understand your company and you know what to expect from them. Renew your commitment to boosting your corporate culture, engaging with your employees, and helping individual workers meet their personal career goals. Problem employees aside, the best team members are nearly always the ones you already have!

Need New Talent?

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