Starting a new job can be an exciting time in your life. But what happens if a few days or weeks into the new position, you realize that it simply isn’t right for you? Maybe the day-to-day responsibilities are different than what you expected. Or you just aren’t clicking with your new coworkers. No matter what the reasons, sometimes a new job doesn’t work out as planned. Here’s what to do next.

Don’t Freak Out

You might be disappointed, hurt, or even angry. Before you react, take a few deep breaths and analyze the situation. Get to the root of what’s making you upset. Calm assessment will help you figure out what’s going on and how best to plan your next steps.

Give It Some Time

Unless it’s truly a toxic workplace, you may do well to give the situation a chance to unfold. This can be especially true if the big issue is that the duties are different than what you expected. You might have the chance to learn something valuable, or you might find that you actually enjoy the new work. Otherwise, take advantage of the chance to share this feedback with your manager. Either way, decide not to make any big decisions until you’ve been there a few weeks.

Talk to Your Boss

It’s always possible that a simple misunderstanding has occurred. Schedule a meeting to talk through the situation with your new supervisor. In the meeting, calmly and professionally explain the issues you’re having. Let your boss know that you feel like there’s a mismatch, and that you’re hoping to come to an understanding. How they react can help you decide whether you should stay or go.

Find a New Job

If you can’t come to a meeting of the minds with your boss, it may be time to part ways. If you’re truly unhappy in the position, there’s no point in continuing to drag it out. This time, take active steps to try to avoid duplicating the situation. Proactively work your way through each job description, paying close attention to details about work schedules, pay, and job duties. During interviews, ask about work culture, opportunities for promotion, and other things that truly matter to you.

Looking for a New Position? 

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