If you’re looking for a long-term position, you might not initially think of working with a staffing agency. After all, agencies are well-known for placing people in temp jobs, right? While it is true that we also make temporary and temp-to-hire placements, a good staffing firm may be just what you need to find the right permanent match. Here’s how The Resource can help:

Getting to Know You

Do you ever start to feel overwhelmed or even hopeless when scrolling through job postings? Maybe you know you’re dissatisfied in your current role, but you don’t have a strong idea of what you want to do next. Or perhaps you’ve considered switching industries, but you’re worried that you won’t like the new one after all.

Our Recruiter will take the time to get to know you. We’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses and talk to you about your interests and goals. With that information, we can point you to opportunities that you may not have even considered. One might just turn out to be the long-term position of your dreams!

Finding the Right Fit

We also have detailed knowledge of the companies we work with. That means we can assess whether a particular organization is a good fit with your values and work habits. We strive to match candidates with a work culture that makes them feel good about themselves and the business, regardless of industry.

Speeding up the Process

Ever feel like submitting your resume is the same as sending it into a black hole? It could take weeks to hear back, and then several more weeks to go through the interviewing and hiring process. The companies we work with are actively ready to hire, and we help them streamline their hiring operations. This means that we can often get you into a long-term position faster than if you were job hunting on your own.

Assisting with Your Job-Hunting Skills

We don’t just match candidates with positions. We also provide the assistance you need to increase your chances of landing the job. Whether that means helping you tweak your resume, working on answers to common interview questions, or even deciding what to wear, your recruiter is there for you every step of the way.

Helping with Career Development

Sometimes the best path to the long-term position you want isn’t a straight line. If you’re changing industries or seeking a role that requires new skills, it might be best to take a more meandering route. You might want to gain experience in a temporary job or prove your abilities in a temp-to-hire option. We’re committed to helping you make the most of your career, whatever twists and turns it takes. And best of all, our services are free for job seekers!

Looking for a New Position?

If you’re ready for your next career move, let The Resource put our experience to work for you. We’re with you through the entire hiring process, to help you find your next – whatever that may be. Apply online or call your local office to get started.