In this age of uncertainty, it’s only natural for employers to lean heavily on temporary workers. You may be reluctant to hire for permanent positions until you’re sure that your supply chains and customer demand are on solid ground. You might have trouble recruiting enough permanent hires. Or maybe you just need people quickly, and temp workers fit the bill. But if you want your company to run smoothly, you’ll need to offer some permanent positions. The current market is candidate-driven, and many people aren’t interested in temporary work. Here’s what they’re looking for.


The past few years have been hard on everyone. Many job hunters are now looking for a regular paycheck, a predictable schedule, and the chance to build meaningful bonds with coworkers. Even a long-term temp role or a temp-to-hire opportunity can’t offer the same stability as a permanent job. In today’s labor market, folks who want to work – are working. And, in most cases, they’re working a full-time job. Trying to recruit a solid candidate away from a full-time opportunity for anything less than another permanent opportunity is fruitless.

Professional Development

This is a win-win for both you and your employees. From the candidate’s perspective, it’s all too easy to keep getting slotted into temp roles that are largely the same. After all, many organizations are reluctant to invest training dollars in people who won’t be around long. This can become tedious and lead to stagnation.

From an organizational perspective, you’ll also need to think about keeping your talent pipeline full. Your most senior employees won’t be around forever, whether they retire or move on to new opportunities. Filling new permanent positions and then investing in those workers’ professional development ensures that you have the talent you need in years to come.


The reality is that a paycheck is only the beginning. People need paid time off, health and life insurance, retirement plans, and more. While The Resource offers many of these benefits to temporary workers, the more robust your company’s benefits package is, the more likely you are to attract them away from their current situation. As the post-pandemic era drags on, many job hunters who initially embraced the opportunities provided by temp work are now realizing that benefits are a vital part of their decision making.

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