Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m an introverted, elder millennial.

I recently began a sourdough bread-making journey. You’re not surprised, are you? In this new adventure, I’ve noticed some commonalities between it and life. Sourdough has been a huge learning experience and I’ve had so much fun! My friends, family, and neighbors don’t seem to mind being the taste testers either. I hope you enjoy some yummy food for thought (pun intended).

Patience is a must! If you try rushing it, you will compromise quality. Soak in the moments and enjoy the ride. I promise it will be worth it!

Grow. You have to wiggle, fold, move, and be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s the only way to transform and blossom. And if you feel stuck, assess your environment.

Plan, do, repeat. Dedication is required. Start where you are and remember your “why” (even if that is as simple as figuring out how to make sourdough bread).

Change is necessary, we might as well embrace it! Things evolve and transform constantly, whether we like it or not. Make the best of what happens and know that you can always try again. After all, practice makes perfect!

Traditions. Pay it forward and create a legacy. This connects families and communities, near and far, past, present, and future.

In essence, both sourdough and life thrive on diversity, adaptation, uniqueness, and experiences. So next time you savor a slice of sourdough, remember the hidden parallels with our existence.