Interviewing candidates is critical to the hiring process. If you’re like most employers, you won’t be interviewing anyone who doesn’t have the core skills needed to do the job. However, beyond those technical skills, some traits will distinguish the winners from the pool of candidates. If you can identify these qualities, you could end up hiring your next top talent.

With that in mind, you’ll want to look for candidates with the following traits:

1. They’re On Time and Prepared for the Interview

Your candidate should be prompt and dressed appropriately. Serious candidates will bring copies of their resume, and a pen and notepad to take notes.

2. They Ask Intelligent Questions About the Job

Your candidate’s thoughtful and insightful questions will mean as much to you as the answers to your questions. You can find out how your candidate’s brain works, whether they are paying attention to what you’re saying, and what information is most important to them, by the questions they ask.

3. They Have Thought About Your Company’s Needs

Excellent candidates will come prepared with ideas and maybe even suggestions about possible ways to help your company. If you ask them a question about a scenario they could encounter as your employee, they should give an appropriate answer, even if it isn’t correct.

4. They Show Eagerness and a Capacity to Learn

As technology evolves, so do today’s jobs. You need someone eager and willing to learn as their job description evolves.

5. They Have Integrity

Integrity includes not lying or embellishing on their resume. If you don’t believe you can trust a candidate, it’s best to pass on them. You can teach them technical skills, but you can’t imbue them with integrity.

6. They’re Forthright

You should be looking for people who are upfront about any issues they may have. If they are interested in the job but are concerned about the pay or the hours, now is the time to address it instead of after you have given them an offer.

7. They Fit Into Your Company’s Culture

Yes, you want a worker who has excellent job skills, but if that person can’t get along with co-workers and supervisors, you could end up with a significant problem.

8. They Have a Positive Attitude

Ideally, you want to hire someone who has skills, experience, AND a positive attitude. One giveaway of a negative candidate is if they start bashing their former employer. Remember, you’ll be next.

9. They Have Already Worked Out the Logistical Details

Candidates that have their act together have determined the logistics of working for you in advance. They don’t burden you with figuring out bus schedules or how they will manage to get their kids to school before work.

Looking For Your Next Superstar?

Searching for these traits will help you find your next superstar, if you’re looking for help with your workforce needs, contact us today!

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