As a business owner or leader, you are well aware of the importance of customer experience and its effect on the success of your company. But do you also recognize the significance of the employee experience and the impact it has on your entire organization?

Around twenty years ago, employers were concerned with “employee satisfaction.” Ten years later, the focus shifted to “employee engagement.” Today, employers are starting to view satisfaction and engagement as components of what their workers care about: the employee experience.

What is Employee Experience?

If you added up all the interactions an employee has with an employer, the total would be the employee experience. It’s about the culture of the organization, the employee’s overall perception of the company, and their role in the company.

Three factors influence employee experience:

  1. The work environment
  2. The tools and technologies the employer provides
  3. What the employer does to show commitment to the health and success of the workers

Improving Employee Experience

Why is it so important to improve the employee experience? Look at all the competition for top talent in many industries. Retaining good workers is a necessity, and improving their experience is one of the best worker-retention ideas to come along.

Businesses invest large sums of money on customer-satisfaction surveys and market research to get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and goals. These factors affect how their customers perceive their interactions with the business—in other words, what the customer experience is. If the experience is negative, the customer will move on to a competitor.

It’s no different for employees. They are as important to the success of the organization as the customers (some will argue they are more important). And if their experience with the company isn’t a positive one, they could also end up with a competitor.

Request Their Input

You don’t assume what your customers want or need, so don’t make any assumptions with your employees. Ask them what resources and technologies they need to be successful, and do your best to make sure they get them. Who knows better than your employees what they need to enhance their experience?

Including employees in the decision-making process helps create a sense of ownership. Their contribution to the organization will take on new meaning for them when you pay attention to what they are saying and then act on it. In that regard, they are no different than your customers: they want to be heard and know that their opinions matter.

 A Word About Technology

Powerful technology is an essential element of positive employee experience. When you provide technology for their workplace, you send a message to your people that you are dedicated to investing in making their lives easier. And when you invest in them, they will invest in you.

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