You already know that to advance your career, you’ll need to assume more responsibility. But how do you take on more without becoming overburdened? And how do you approach your Manager to ask about extra duties in the most effective way?

You will want to take a professional approach when you ask for the added responsibility, keeping in mind that your ultimate motivation should be to contribute to your company rather than just to get ahead. Here are a few things to think about before you talk to your boss:

Think more like a business owner

Thinking like an employee tends to make you passive, waiting for your supervisor to make the first move. Instead, look at yourself as the owner of the business, and you’ll be less inclined to be reactive. In the owner mentality, you’ll plan for your business’s success, which includes considering the influence you would like to have in support of the company’s mission.

Be good at what you do

Before you seek more responsibility, make sure you’re the best at what you do now. You can’t expect your boss to throw new responsibilities in your direction if you keep fumbling the ones you currently have. Only if you are a top performer today can you expect others to take a chance on you for the future.

Look for opportunities that will benefit you and your manager 

When you’re asking to take on extra or new responsibilities, you should be able to show that those responsibilities will provide positive results to both you and the organization and that it aligns with everyone’s priorities.

Compose a business plan 

Asking for new responsibilities is much like starting a business, so you need to know what impact you’re going to make and how. Put into your “plan” how your work will add to profits by saving or making more money for the business. Identify the current challenge that your new role would meet. Provide an estimate of the time and cost for you to take on the new work. While it isn’t necessary to have a formal plan, have something mapped out that your boss can review.

Have a plan for freeing up your time 

You don’t want to take on more than you can handle, so think about how you can delegate or eliminate some of your workload. Give some careful thought to who could benefit from doing this work and make a recommendation to your manager. Your boss will make the final call, but you’ll make it easier for them if you have already thought things through.

If you must move on to find more responsibility, let the experts help you

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