Employee onboarding is an incredibly important part of setting your new hires up for success. Yet many companies rush through new hire training or, even worse, don’t provide much training at all. This can lead to high turnover rates, confused employees, and a general slowdown in productivity. To boost worker retention rates and increase their success, follow these simple employee onboarding tips.

Talk About the Culture

New hires want to understand how their role fits into the larger organization and how their work makes a difference. They also want to know what to expect day-to-day. So give them a brief overview of the organization’s history, vision, values, and corporate culture. Help them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Also, talk about the fun things you offer to bring employees together, such as sports leagues, happy hours, retreats, or casual Fridays.

Be Flexible

Each new hire is an individual with a unique background and set of existing skills. Tailor your curriculum to meet their individual needs. Offer specific training opportunities based on the specifics of their role, while making extra resources available to fill in skills gaps as needed.

Make It Interactive

Onboarding is a terrific opportunity to introduce new hires to different levels of management and folks in other departments. Invite employees to welcome new hires and help present training topics where their knowledge is helpful. This will help your new hires feel more at ease and set the tone for future collaboration.

Offer E-Learning

Don’t be afraid to incorporate modern technology. Using eLearning for some of the more traditional onboarding classes, such as compliance training and skills training, gets new hires out of the classroom and lets them move at their own pace. Consider offering a mobile version as well as a desktop version of each session to give your new employees even more flexibility.

Monitor Results

Like anything else in life, employee onboarding shouldn’t be static. Keep an eye on your program to see what’s working and what needs tweaking. At least annually, conduct a complete review and make any changes as needed.

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