Some people believe that a manager’s role is to assign projects and job duties and make sure they’re properly executed. While this is part of the job, it’s actually only a small fraction. The majority of a manager’s role is serving as a team leader. Great leaders know how to inspire and motivate people to achieve their personal best. Here are some ways to motivate your team.


Open and honest communication is one of the best ways to motivate your team. This means giving clear, unambiguous directions. But it also means letting employees know about upcoming changes that might affect them, providing constructive feedback, and offering multiple channels for them to give feedback to you.

Employee Empowerment

Trust your employees, and avoid micromanaging them. Empower them to make decisions and solve problems as they arise. Give them the opportunity to shine, and they will generally rise to the occasion. It will also generate increased loyalty to the company, as everyone wants to feel valued.


Get to know your team members as individuals. Empathize with their concerns. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, and help them become the best version of themselves. Always speak respectfully to them, and insist that they show respect to each other as well. Implement a no-bullying/no-harassment environment. Our CORE Assessment™ is a great tool to help you better understand your team members, and honor one another in your communication, problem-solving, and even conflict resolution. When you understand how each other is hardwired, you can learn to appreciate the differences and better lift each other up. 


A great way to build motivation is to offer rewards. You might take the team out to lunch when you reach a major milestone or develop an Employee of the Month program. Public praise is also a valuable reward, so be sure to give a shout-out when someone does something great!

Growth Opportunities 

No one wants to stagnate, so it’s important to give workers a clear pathway to the next level. At the same time, be sure to consider individual goals. Some people want to work their way into management. Others want to learn new skills and move onto a different team. Find out what your team members are looking for, and then think of creative ways to make it happen.

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