If you’re like most employers today, one of your biggest concerns is retaining top talent. Voluntary turnover rates are increasing, and companies are looking for ways to reduce them more than ever before.

Rewarding your people is one way to boost morale and enhance loyalty. On the other hand, failing to show your appreciation for their efforts can often lead to your workers looking elsewhere for a better culture match.

While there are several things you can do throughout the year to show your appreciation for a job well done, what we’re talking about here is a specific program designed to recognize and reward outstanding work regularly. It doesn’t have to be costly, but it will almost guarantee your employees will feel better about working for your company.

Here are some ideas for creating your employee recognition program:

Think About Why You Want a Recognition Program

Before you start designing the program, consider what you want to accomplish with it. Think about your company’s values and the behaviors you’re hoping to strengthen that align with them. Maybe you want to emphasize those employees who have shown outstanding leadership or have been exceptionally creative.

Perhaps you want to acknowledge someone who has provided excellent customer service. Whatever you decide on the goals of the program, make sure to communicate it to your workers, so they know what to work towards.

Determine the Eligibility Requirements for the Program

Decide how often you will give out the awards, and who is eligible. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Who is eligible: Full-time only? Full-time and part-time? Temporary workers? Interns?
  • Must the person be employed at the company for a certain amount of time to be eligible?
  • Can the same employee receive a reward more than once?
  • Can the people on the selection committee be eligible also?

How Will the Selection Process Be Handled?

You need to decide how candidates will be brought to your attention. If you’re going to have a nomination system, determine who can nominate and how it should be done. You could use a nomination form on which employees can write about the achievements of their nominee.

Then, you’ll have to decide how to pick from the pool of candidates. Will you have a selection committee, or will a company leader read through the nomination forms and select the winner?

Choose the Award

What kind of prize will you be giving? Keep in mind that if your employees are going to be motivated, the award must be meaningful. There are online platforms on which employees can choose their rewards—Anyperk and OC Tanner are two of the most popular. Or you could give a gift card, personalized trophy, credit towards a company store, the list goes on and on. The important thing is that your employees know why they are being recognized and that thought and intention went into the award.

Announce the Program and Get it Rolling

The last step is to publicize the program. You could announce it at your next company-wide meeting. Just be sure to follow up with a detailed email.

Showing appreciation for your team can build trust and the overall culture of a business. When your staff’s efforts are appreciated, you’ll be able to see the rise in motivation and production! If you are looking for some help to solve your staffing needs, contact us today!

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